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Sex Scandal of Actress in Korea

March 16th, 2009 · 4 Comments


Sex scandal of Korean entertainment field is now getting hot spotlight. Actress called Jang Ji yon has committed suicide on 7th of March 2009. In the beginning, her suicidal was viewed as caused by depression but later it turned out to be due to sex related business. This scandal busted out when her ex manager, after few days of Ms. Jang’s death, revealed existence of document that is written by Ms. Jang. This document contains her story of being abused sexually and violently included time, place and name of people. Police is now investigating on this issue and ever since 7th of March, this issue is still discussed throughout media.

Involvement of Korean Mafia in entertainment field and sex abuse is an open secret in Korea. In fact it was viewed as custom in this industry that even though there were lots of rumors and small incidents, people hushed up on this issue. Therefore, when people heard this news, many of them including me, felt that ‘it finally bust out!’ rather than shocked.

It makes me feel so sad that Ms. Jang has to take the last option in order to get out of the dark restraint. I wish she would have peace in heaven.

When I was young, many of friends at my age wanted to become generally president, lawyer, doctor and teacher as their ideal job. However, these days many kids in Korea want to become singer, comedian, actor/actress and a star. This means, more and more people (especially teenagers) that have these dreams can face these dark attempts and trap.

I am really disgust with people who would abuse power onto desperate people but I think, victim also has responsibility in this case. I am not saying all the celebrities have gone though these dirty custom (I really hope not) but one cannot deny that these things does not exist.

My question is, ‘IS IT WORTH IT?’
What was so worthy that one has to sell their body and soul? Even if one becomes star after dirty business, what would they get? What are they really trying to chase to have or achieve? Fame? Money? Power? Even if they become successful, will they be happy? I am even afraid that if these people becomes star, they would start to justify themselves that what they did in past was just a process and normal to do for next generation.

Having a dream is very precious and worthy. But one has to consider, how one should achieve their dream step by step. Once ethical values are ignored in order to achieve dream, I wonder whether that dream would be remain as same even if achieved. Some says, sometimes there is situation drives you unavoidable, society make you to do it. I do not think so. If one desire one’s dream desperately enough with right principle and belief, there is always a way. I believe, it is the weak people who does not have faith in their dream and self blaming on situation and environment, throwing their body and soul into dark side of world.

I hope police would deal with this matter well that through this incident, nothing likes this happen again.

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  • 1 Joop // Mar 17, 2009 at 12:17 am

    I was watching a documentary about the extreme recession in Japan this morning. People blame the government, they say it’s time for change. It reminds a little bit of what happened in the US, Obama is a great inspiration for many these days. I forsee revolution in politics and the business world. New rules get pushed through, and people put their hopes on these new elected leaders of change. I wonder what will happen in Korea in the comming year.

  • 2 Erik // Jul 15, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    Love your observations of cultural differences without judging them. Find the best in all cultures. Please keep the posts coming.

  • 3 Erik // Jul 15, 2009 at 2:43 pm

    ps. previous comment is not on the right post. But it’s for you blog in general.

  • 4 Jerry // Apr 18, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Very true! Makes a change to see seonmoe spell it out like that. :)

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